Polident Overnight Whitening 120 Tablets With Dentu-Care Denture Brush



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Keep Your Dentures Clean & Ready To Use The Smart Way With Polident Overnight Denture Cleaning Tablets!

Polident denture cleansing tablets are made to provide you with a simple, time-efficient and reliable way to clean dentures without causing any harm. It’s gentle as toothpaste making it the perfect choice for anyone that wants to keep smiling.

If you’re tired of waiting hours while your dentures soak then you’re at the right place. Unlike the rest, it only takes only a couple of minutes for our retainer and denture cleaner tablets to get the job done by removing plaque and stains for a complete clean.

Say Goodbye To Pesky Stains & Grimy Discoloration

The last thing you or anyone else wants is to be seen wearing discolored and stained dentures. We know not everyone has the time to spend cleaning dental appliances which is why we made these dental appliance cleaning tablets in the first place.

Our unique cleansing formula acts fast and removes any stain while promoting a bright white color so you can smile with confidence once more. It eliminates tartar and plaque buildup without harming the dentures or retainers.

How To Use Polident Denture Cleaning Tablets:
1. Drop one tablet into warm water to cover the dentures
2. Let your dentures oak for 3-5 minutes and then brush them before using. Discard the water after use.
3. Rinse the dentures thoroughly under running water

Please Note:
Only use warm water to cover dentures, do not use hot water
It’s recommended that you use the tablets along with a standard denture care routine

Keep Your Dentures Clean The Simple, Fast & Efficient Way With Polident Overnight Denture Cleaning Tablets!

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