NaturDent Denture Cleaner Tablets With Dentu-Care Denture Case



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NaturDent Denture Cleanser

The cleaning tablets from NaturDent are not only suitable for full dentures, but are also ideal for partial dentures mouthguard, retianers and invisalign.  They combine the power of nature in just one tablet.  The denture tablets reliably remove the residues of the adhesive cream and gently cleans your dental appliances without damaging them.  Daily cleaning with the denture cleaning tablets are ideally suited because they are very metal-friendly.

The power of nature in 1 tablet:

  • Remove all residues of NaturDent Denture Adhesive, plaque and prevent bad odor.
  • Though to stains, gentle to dentures
  • Prevent metal parts from corrosion, ideal for Full Dentures, Partial Dentures and Orthodontic Braces
  • For daily cleansing 


1) Thoroughly clean the prosthesis with a brush under running water.

2) Then place them with a cleaning tablet in a glass of warm water until completely covered. Important: Do not use boiling water.

3) Soak denture or brace in the solution for at least 5 minutes.

4) Rinse denture under running water. Dry thoroughly before applying NaturDent Denture Adhesive.


Sodium hydrogen carbonate, Sodium carbonate hydrogen peroxide, Sodium phosphate tribasic, Potassium peroxysulfate, Sulphamic Acid, PBS-1 (mono), Povidone, Sulfuric acid monododecyl ester sodium, N, N'-ethylenebis (diacetamide), Aroma, Color

Denture Box ( color received may be different from picture )

This denture box is attractive, easy to hold and small enough to put into with small bags and handbags. It is detachable and has a separate net box inside for easy drying of the washed denture. Ideal for seniors with dentures.

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